Inside The Students on Demand Accelerator Program


Over 200 videos and 13 modules that teach you everything you need to know step by step on how to set up our entire students on demand system into your business.

You’ll learn everything you need to know on how to acquire students online for group tutoring so this is the last coaching program you will EVER need to have access to.

You get lifetime access to this so you’ll have the most advanced strategies at your disposal forever meaning you’ll be ahead of every tutor out there. 

Even if you hate tech this training curriculum will literally walk you by the hand to get set up and running in a few hours.


The exact pricing and program structure templates to use for your tutoring niche so you can’t fail.

We’ll show you 1:1 on how to effortlessly position yourself as the Go-To tutor for your tutoring niche so you can raise your rates and start charging what you’re worth. To help you with this we’ll be setting you up with the exact pricing and program structure templates to use for your tutoring niche so you can’t fail.

Once you have access to this you’ll have the perfect foundations to start using paid advertising to grow your business faster


We let you swipe and install our entire click and drop marketing funnel that is already built out and ready for you to start using immediately for your tutoring offer so you don’t have to mess around creating complicated web pages.

We just give you what works. 

(This would normally cost around $10k alone to have a custom funnel like this built but you’ll just get it when you work with us).

Once you implement this you will be confident in knowing you never need to rely on word of mouth again or wonder where your next student is coming from.

Because you will have a pipeline of students that want your services


The exact done for you ad copies you need to use for your tutoring niche that have already been tested and proven so you’ll instantly be ready to advertise and generate leads with no guesswork.

We’ve seen 1000’s of advertisements in the tutoring space and in doing so we have identified exactly what makes a high converting ad to get new students for online tutoring.

Which means you’ll get to practically STEAL all our secrets and use my most effective strategies to make your ads convert and run profitable campaigns.

We’ll even show you the exact audience targeting to set up that our current clients use to turn on the taps with parents/students reaching out for tutoring online.


A done for you student acquisition training template that you can plug straight into your business so most of the selling is already done before you even speak with any students.

Our proprietary student acquisition training is the key component that helps tutors we work with sell group tutoring at $2k+ for just a few weeks.

And we’ll be giving you the exact done for you template that you can plug straight into your business so most of the selling is already done before you even speak with any students.  

Get ready to eliminate the common objections of; Group tutoring doesn’t work or why do I even need a tutor in the first place.

It’s all yours, you don’t need to create anything.


Word-for-word grand slam group sales scripts to use on the phone to sell group tutoring at premium rates like clock-work.

After you have got a proven ‘lead machine’ up and running in your business that means you’ll be able to start filling up your calendar with new student enquiries each and every single day…

We’re going to give you our word-for-word grand slam group sales scripts and help you customize them for your specific tutoring offer.

Our clients are already using this exact script to sell group tutoring at 4 figures on the phone like clockwork, everyday. 

And the scripts will be yours moving forward.


Full group tutoring at scale delivery roadmap to help sky-rocket your student results.

We’ll teach you exactly how to deliver and enhance how you teach your students online with our training on how to fulfil to your students and give them a life changing experience. 

This is the exact training our clients use to deliver to 5, 10, 20 and even 46 students in one class without sacrificing results. 

Once you go through this you’ll see exactly how to start working less and buying back your time with a powerful delivery model that can be scaled and students will happily pay more for than they would one-on-one.

You’ll learn exactly how to map out your entire course with the 3 milestones every group tutoring program needs.


Learn how to showcase testimonials that have new students begging to work with you.

We’ll be setting you up with an entire training on how to collect great testimonials from your students.

There are 5 types of testimonials that you need to be collecting and showing to new students in order to sell group tutoring online at premium rates.

So we will be providing you with the word for word swipes to get testimonials FAST from your students.

And the exact questions to ask to get your current students to do all the selling of group tutoring for you.

Even if you don’t currently have any students you’ll be able to use this training to get new students and testimonials fast.


Full recording library of other tutors selling group tutoring at $2k+ over the phone.

You’ll be able to watch real recordings of how other tutors are enrolling students into group tutoring programs online at premium rates.

Once you see exactly how others tutors are doing it you’ll be able to easily just copy what they do so that you can acquire students at premium rates even if you hate taking sales calls.

You will get lifetime access to this recording library as well so that as you grow your business you can get your own team members to model these calls so you don’t even need to spend time training your staff.

AND THAT’s Not All…

What we offer is not just an online course or program. We go the extra mile and ensure you have a world class team of experts to help you implement everything so you get a truly unique coaching experience inside the students on Demand Accelerator program. So you also get…


You’ll get to watch and attend 15 live group coaching sessions every single week around mindset, tech & automation, marketing, sales and delivery for your tutoring business.

Every week after you attend these coaching calls you will have something to go out and implement to increase your student acquisition week after week.

On these coaching calls you will have our entire coaching team at your disposal to dive into your business and help with everything you need like tech, marketing, sales and fulfilment.

We direct you as to which sessions you need to personally attend and you get the replays to every coaching call as well so you don’t miss a beat. 

This is to make sure you have the added accountability you need to make progress with your business from a team who oversee more marketing campaigns in the tutoring space than anyone in the world.


Access to our entire support team and top clients who are already doing 6 – 7 figures with their tutoring business…

This means you’ll be able to get all your business questions asked and have a community of winners around you.

Imagine being able to learn from other tutors who are teaching groups of 10, 20, 30, 40 students at a time and earning $400+ an hour and learning exactly how they are doing it.

Every successful person on the planet knows the fastest way to become successful is to make sure you have access to people who are just like you and actually want to create more impact and are motivated to win.

Well this is that.



We work with you 1:1!

Our goal is to help you crush it and we’re willing to do whatever it takes. ⁣

You’ll get structured 1:1 personal coaching sessions at crucial stages of your journey in working with us to ensure you have the support and guidance you need every step of the way.

This means you can be confident knowing you always have accountability and guidance from a team who are responsible for producing the most successful tutoring business owners on the planet.

It will mean there is no guesswork in creating a proven system to acquire more students for your online tutoring business.